L’hermine – Courted – movie

A judge presiding over a murder trial realises one of the jurors is a woman he fell in love with years before and against protocol, starts reconnecting with her on the outside. A poignant story, amazingly well acted by the

No et moi – book and DVD

Narrated by Lou a young and gifted child two years ahead at school the novel revolves around her relationship with a rather older homeless girl named No. Lou decides to use No as the subject of a class presentation she

Questions with Inversions

Asking questions in French may seem tricky – not when you know how… Watch this clip and you will find out how… It's only fair to share...

La Toussaint – All Saints’ day

All Saints’ Day is a solemn holy day of the Catholic Church celebrated each year on November 1. The day is dedicated to the saints of the Church, that is, all those who have attained heaven. It should not be

Versailles – series

In 1667, the young but all-powerful king of France, Louis XIV otherwise known as the Sun King, decides to build the greatest palace in the world – Versailles, in his bid to keep the nobles under control and out of

Les journées du patrimoine – Heritage day

This annual event brings an opportunity to spend a weekend in September visiting an endless variety of well-known but usually off-bounds and outright unusual historical monuments all over France. Les Journées du Patrimoine, c’est un moment particulier. Pendant 2 jours,

Nous trois ou rien – All three of us – DVD

An Iranian family survives the Shah and the Ayatollah and moves to France. This story follows the family through it all. Despite the politics, revolution, prison, beatings, assassinations and suicides this is a comedy. Kheiron ( Bref) who directed and

La rentrée des classes – going back to school

It is almost a ritual in France each September , a new beginning after the August shut-down and the long holidays or as they call it ‘les grandes vacances’. Overnight, life changes. Children go back to school, people return to

Learn – or revise – the main verbs in a fun way with movie extracts…

A fun way to learn the most common verbs… It's only fair to share...

Indirect pronouns

Indirect pronouns are always a bit tricky to get your head around, hopefully this video will clarify it all… It's only fair to share...