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  • 10 ´false friends’ – 10 faux amis

        Be careful – attention ! There are a few words that look like English words but mean something different… have a look at the list of most common mistakes below    …   1- Attendre =  to wait Eg: J'attends le bus (  j'attends pour le bus ..) 2- Assister  à = to attend Eg: j'ai […]

  • Making the most of conversation classes

    Beginners to  advanced…   Many classes these days, especially adult classes, are conversational classes. It is an advantage to learn French this way because you are prepared for dealing directly with people when you finish and you don’t have to worry too much about grammar. There are some ways to make your conversational class go […]

  • Tips to learn French – Conseils pour apprendre le francais

    French for  beginners How to Learn French by Getting the Most Out of a Class… After you enrol in a French class, you expect to learn French right away. You might leave it up to the teacher to drill the words and conjugations into your head. You will get more out of it, though, if […]