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To be and to have verbs – Etre et avoir

These two verbs are essential to learn French…

Questions with ‘est-ce que’

How to form questions in French can be a bit tricky. Here is one type… Whilst “Est-ce-que” questions expect a ‘oui’ or ‘non’ answer “Qu’est-ce que” expects a specific answer ie: Qu’est-ce que tu fais? = Que fais tu ?

Useful basic structures

10 ´false friends’ – 10 faux amis

    Be careful – attention ! There are a few words that look like English words but mean something different… have a look at the list of most common mistakes below    …   1- Attendre =  to wait Eg:

How to introduce yourself in 3 minutes!

It's easy when you know how   so watch this little clip… C'est facile quand on sait comment, alors regardez ce petit clip…      

10 most common mistakes when learning French…

              Incorrect        Correct            Explications   1-      J'étudie  le français / j'habite à Londres pour 10 ans.   2-      J'ai visité ma famille.     3-      Je vais à France.   4-      Je suis en Paris.     5-     

Le 9 février, c’est Mardi gras ! Carnival !

          English: Mardi-Gras (literally “Fat Tuesday”) is originally a catholic event which marks the end of the “week of the seven fat days” which were known as “jours charnels” (meaning carnival) in the old days. Before Ash Wednesday, the start

Bonne Année 2016 🎇🎆 Bonne Année 2016 – Les nombres en français

Yes French numbers are a bit tricky… Ah les nombres français! But if you watch this video you’ll soon get the hang of it… Alors on y va! Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix! And now